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    Have roughly 30 frames granulated. Have melted the whole mess. What is the best way to separate wax and honey. What would be a better way of dealing with this kind of situation.

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    I would have left it on the frames and left it for the bees.

    What did you do with it exactly? If you melted it then you already seperated it. The wax went to the top and solidified and the honey is on the bottom. Unfortunately it won't taste very good.

    I'd feed it back to the bees now.

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    Well if you melted the wax it should float to top and you remove it. If just broke it up then you need to strain it. A better way is too use a hot uncapping knife and uncap the frames and give to the bees by either placing above inner cover (I think this causes a bit more fighting) or place under a colony. A method I may try in the future (I haven't done it yet) is to cut the combs out and mash into 5 gallon pail strap it with heating belt and allow to slow heat stirring often, then strain out wax. In this manner one "may" save the honey for consumption without ruining the flavor. But personally I'd rather give back to the bees as its much easier and I have plenty of honey as it is.



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