I ordered a nuc from a local apiary back in March and picked it up when I was told it was ready a couple of weeks ago. When I brought it home and transferred the frames into my hive I didn't see much for capped brood, but I did it quickly without spending too much time to study the frames so I wouldn't upset the bees. A week later I opened the hive and again no brood, but I thought well maybe there's eggs and I just can't see them - I'll give them a chance. Went in again last night and no capped brood-I have also looked for the queen and cannot see one. Now maybe it is my fault for not inspecting the nuc when I picked it up but I thought I should be able to trust the supplier. Has anybody had this happen? I'm upset because the whole point of getting a nuc was to get all stages of brood to give the hive a head start as opposed to a package. Do I have any recourse? Sorry for being so wordy.