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    I have an opportunity to get a large quantity of certified organic cane sugar for next to nothing. It was a load that was damaged, the top bags got soaked, down lower they are fine.

    Do you think I can feed this to bees? I have heard that it is difficult to dissolve, but can be done. And that I should use for spring feed only because if it does cause problems then at least cleansing flights are an option.

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    I have feed them organic cane sugar with out a problem. I think it is better for them since all the minerals have not been bleached out of them. Good stuff use it.

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    Any problem in dissolving it?

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    Organic is, IMO, irrelevant. Is it raw sugar? Refined is probably better, but at least it's not molasses. I'd use it once the weather is warm enough in case it gives them dysentery.

    Use boiling water, I don't think there will be any problem dissolving it.
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