First I would like to thank you for deleting the offensive messages.

Loggermike, FYI over 2 mill. people in the US are allergic to stinging insects and are at risk for an anaphlyactic reaction. There are others who discover they are allergic when they are stung. Bee stings account for most of the deaths, because there is a higher concentration of protein in bee venom.

As for how I found out I was allergice to bees, bees leave their stinger behind, while wasps do not. The bees left being their calling cards.

I did attempt to work this out with my neighbor without getting the town involved. I gave her some
literature about bee allergies, and offered to find an alternative site. I recruited one of my neighbors to try to act as a mediator. I only went to the town when she said "the bees are coming." When I told her I was allergic, she said "but your garden will have more flowers." At the meeting, her husband said "everyone is allergic to bees," which suggests an utter
lack of understanding of bee allergies. They have a hilly, narrow one acre lot. They did agree at the first meeting to move the hive away from my kitchen window to the other side of their lot, but it is still less than 150 ft from my house. After my previous experiences, I am fearful of being stung again, and would not be comfortable being outdoors if the bees are in their yard. My family typically eats outdoors on our deck all summer, weather permitting. This will not longer be possible either.

Over 20 of my neighbors are supporting me on this.
The Lesinskis have few supporters in the neighborhood. We have been fortunate until now to live in a neighborhood where people care for each other. When my daughter was hospitalized, people brought over casseroles, we hold an annual holiday open house, another neighbor holds a cook out in the summer. The list goes on. Many of our neighbors are sadden by the lack of compassion shown by the Lesinskis, as are we.

Needless to say, this controversy has caused tremendous emotional turmoil in our neighborhood. These types of situations give beekeepers a bad name.

Pat Watson