I have searched this board and the Bee-L archives on cut comb section sizes. What I can distill is:

Full frames cut by hand are easier to fill out. After that Round Sections fill out more fully than square (like Hogg Halfs) which sometimes have unfilled corners.

Both Ross and Hogg aimed at 8 oz. size although they sometimes fill out at 10 oz.

Rounds have some challenges in forcing the bees up into the super.

Plastic Half comb can accumulate propolis on the plastic edges.

OK, my question has anyone seen any experience or messages about the size of the sections and impact on getting the bees to build them out? Example a smaller round than RR, or optimum size of the now rare basswood sections. Just trying to figure out how small I can go. Would it even be feasible to have a 3 or 4 oz. section, square or round?