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    I meant no offense. I geuss that the difference is that I see myself as benefitting from the inspection programs, which cost me a nominal fee. None the less, if you really find them that onerous, I doubt that these programs could continue to survive without the support of beekeepers. They are a different beast from public health programs, which have many non-economic aspects to them.

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    Let's sum it up"

    We have a large number of different opinions here when it comes to state inspections. Some people don't feel they need one at all, some like it and look forward to it as a learning experience and some see their state inspection service needs a lot of help to even be a benefit at all.

    A few stated that some beekeepers are not responsible enough with there actions or chemicals to be allowed to keep bees without a government inspection.

    All valid points

    I believe some may have taken my statement a little outside of what I was trying to say. I'm sure there are many inspectors who are very helpful under paid over worked and under appreciated.

    Beekeepers in general seem to be helpful people who share a lot of information, I believe (for the most part) beekeepers can govern themselves as responsible individuals without government.

    I'm also sure there are bad apples who miss manage and cause damage to others, (to me) this is what the court system is for.

    If I damage my neighbor I don't mind being held accountable for my actions or being responsible for damage that I cause others, but I do object to government being able to force me into mandatory programs without my consent.

    What if your state ruled that you could only sell your products inside the state or county you live in or placed limits on the number of hives you could own or sell in a year? What if the permit fee is raised up past the limits of what you can afford, then what?

    No, it's not the case today and as crazy as it sounds we all know our state and federal government can find a way to burden us to our limits without the approval of the people it was set up to serve. What seems like a good deal today may become a forced burden tomorrow, social security was a great sounding deal in 1933, people lined up for this great plan but what has it become today?

    I believe it's very easy to accept the free handout of government programs only to find out later were trapped into forced regulations, it quickly becomes ("Do as your told or else") before you know what hit you the servant has become your master.

    While inspection services may be a great tool for some beekeepers, don't you all believe we should each be able to make that choice for ourselves or have we lost so many freedoms that we don't believe in freedom for the individual anymore?

    I didn't intend to offend anyone with this tailgater and I hope I haven't, I appreciate all of the opinions and wish you all nothing but the best.

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    Texas Bee Law overview (maybe somewhat out of date)

    More current

    Texas Agriculture Code, Chapter 131. Bees and Honey

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    Bjorn, thanks for your post, I didn't realize you were an inspector. If I was in PA I'd be thrilled to have you as an inspector. You and I are in similar situations as far as where we are and where we are headed. I'm always interested in learing also. One of the inspectors that I got passed through this year was an ex-commercial beekeeper, I would have jumped at the chance to spend a couple of hours with him while he was inspecting bees. I (and I'll bet you) don't need anyone to come in and tell me I have a hive with disease. Guys in our situation have to eliminate disease and pest before they get a chance to infect our own hives much less anyone elses, we have too much invested to loose. I certainly don't want, as suggested, inspectors telling me where I can put my hives. Before I put hives anywhere I contact the local club and see who's in the area. I'm willing to be inspected if everyone is inspected. We have a beekeeper in our county who is rotten with foulbrood, has the money to buy 40-50 nucs a year and let them go a season and die out and start all over with the same repitoire next season. He's the one I want inspected. My associate, SVANN who just sold out this month, and I have cleaned his operation up at twice and have a 2nd yard (15 hives) which was infected, in his flight range, that we cleaned out who will not be inspected. I want inspections for everyone, I'm willing to pay. I would like them to be supported by fees, done by folks like Dennis and retired commercial beeks.

    Incidentally I would rank the EAS Master Course much higher than the Dyce course from what I am aware of both.

    I mean no disrespect to those like you doing an honest job for next to nothing. I guess I should quit complaining about it and do something to make it better next year, which I will.

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    Joel, Thank you. Your always one of the more level-headed members of the forum that seems to not get worked up about some comments. And more than once I have read your comments and wished I would of said things a little different after hearing your reply. Its funny how the additional or deletion of one or two words from a post can be all the difference. I have to keep that in mind.....

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