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    I know the theory behind dividing a strong colony. But am wondering if there are any tricks or tips out there to help?

    Gary J.

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    Hi Gary
    The method I use is very simple:
    You will need either a nuce box or an ordinary broodbox , may it be your hive dimension or any other.
    Take 2 or three brood combs and an equal amount of honey storage combs and put them into your new Box. It is advisable to feed them also while development takes place since the field bees are still in the mother hive.Make sure you leave the queen with the existing colony . Leave your nurse bees on the combs when you transfer.
    Place this "NUC" a distance away from the mother box. Then , after a few days introduce
    an new queen with the nuce and let it develop.
    Sometimes the the nuc will build a queen cell themselves, but I do not rely on it because I do not know what I will get in regard to the genetics.
    An equal method is the transfer of the queen to the nuc and introduce a new queen to the mother chamber.
    Another way of doing it is by the way of a SNELLGROVE board between the mother hive box and the nuce on top of it . This method is also used for combining swarms of weak colonies, instead of the newspaper separation.
    Any more questions ? you will get more ideas from the rest of forum dwellers. Just ask.
    Best of luck


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