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Thread: Odd Queen death

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    During my recent requeening, I captured the old queen using the "hair clip" device. The capture went very easy - I'm positive that I didn't injure the queen. My plan was to keep the old queen just in case I have problems with acceptance of the new queen. I captured the old queen at 3:30 PM friday and by 9:30 am Saturday the old queen was dead. Again, I'm sure I didn't injure her during capture. What could have happened? She was weak queen for the past season, so it’s not too much of a loss, but I'm curious as to what may have done her in. The hair clip lets all attendants free, so she was by herself over night. I kept her in a dark closet at 78F degrees.

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    The don't last long without attendants and they consume a lot of food because they use it making eggs. She probably starved or just stressed out.

    Next time put her and a frame of brood in a nuc and she'll do fine. Then when you dispose of her put the frame of brood back in the hive. Another option, if you are doing a lot of queens, is to catch several in the hair clips and lay them on the top bars and put a spacer between that and the lid with a frame of brood and bees to attend them until you decide if you need them or not.


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