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    Hello all, it has been a warm winter here in Massachusetts. Yesterday it was warm and I opened the hive to see how my bees are doing. Inside the hive, on top of the inner cover, were a few (2-6) small grey insects. The insects were kind fat almost pear shaped ...small heads, light grey and I could not tell if there had wings. The inner cover is plastic, and the outer cover is wood. There was a good deal of condensation on the underside of the outer cover. There were a few of these insects in the wood.

    I was not wearing my veil or gloves so I did not venture into the hive. I can't tell if they are in with the bees or just inside the cover.
    Any thoughts?

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    Sounds to me like things are just fine. It's not uncommon to find various insects hanging around or in the beehives. I find ants, earwigs, beetles, spiders on a regular basis on top of the inner cover.



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