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    The lousy weather last month ruined my requeening. Only 1 out of 5 virgin queens got bred properly. I had to order 4 queens to save those hives. I received 4 queens from R Weaver last week and installed their cages these hives last Fri. Three were their All American, one was Buckfast. I went in yesterday to see if they were all out and laying so I could removed the cages. The three All American apparently had just started laying, their brood pattern only covered up to 1 frame. The Buckfast queen, on the other hand, had 1 solid frame of brood and 4 frames of eggs! I had to give that hive a second deep so she could keep going. Has anyone else experienced this from Buckfast queens before?

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    Yea I just got one from R weaver and they are great!! I just put a super on today. I have 2 hives of all american they are meaner but are about the same honey wise with the buckfast. SW_TR
    P.S. I am geting 5 more buckfast and 5 more all american this fall.


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