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Thread: Latin words

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    {I need a Lo BOT oh mee (lobotomy)}

    I've always said I'd rather have a bottleinfrontofme than a frontalobotomy!

    I think those are in the dialect of Southern Latania.

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    >I'd rather have a bottleinfrontofme than a frontalobotomy!

    I can relate Joel. In the final analysis, I opted for the frontalobotomy and I've been much happier [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Adding to all this pronunciation confusion is putting the correct emPHAsis on the proper syLLAble.

    emPHAsis aside, bee breeding offers us some awesomely difficult words to say, let alone try and understand:

    Thelytoky. Give me a break. Say it? I can't even spell it.

    haplodiploidy. Anyone got a clue?
    Dulcius ex asperis

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    I enjoy this topic. It is so easy to pronounce the latin vocals : a, e, i, o, u. (Murciélago -bat- is a Spanish word with the five vocals).
    But it is so difficult to pronounce the word "caterpillar" to me...
    About the "C" in latin, I think that was pronounced like the Italians, that is "Ch". Example: Cicero (Marco Tulio Cicero), actualy is a new Spanish word (chicharo - a variety of bean-). And the word Caesar was making two differents words: César in Spanish and Kaiser in German.

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