Newbee here with just last year as experience. Started with one overpopulated hive given to me, ended the year with four due to excessive swarm activity (caught 3, lost at least two more, so all hives were fairly weak). Here in NH, this was a brutal winter with NO Feb. thaws, etc. When I finally was able to check hives (knowing that I had only one left by the no-dead-bees-in-the-snow evidence), I found that they had starved despite AMPLE stores. My feel is I must have fed them too late last fall, and they didn't have time to cure it properly?? What I found is that the cells crystalized. They had very little food they could actully use and ran out of energy (due to the extreme cold?) to go further from the swarm to find more food. I thought I followed the directions in feeding them heavy syrup (seems it can be too heavy?). Surprises me that the bees would cap stuff that wasn't properly cured...The other part of the question is, what do I do with many frames of hard feed and much pollen. I left a frame out today and the bees were very much more interested in the pollen than the syrup. Hate to whaste all that nice comb, but wonder if the hard stuff would extract. Considering de-capping and blasting it out with a hose. Way too much to leave out for one hive to "rob" right? Final idea might be to scrape it off the foundation (whaste the comb) and cut with water to lighter syrup and freeze for fall feeding.