This is something I read from the Agricultural Research Mazazine service,& it said,A new Improved bee diet developed by Agi- research Service Scientists,could provide bees with early spring jump start as they prepare to pollinate calf.almond crop(with the new diet bees have been able to REAR CONTINUOUS generations of brood).2 Entomologist took 5 months to complete & went through nearly 80 formulations before the right mix was found.It go's on to saythat they are working on it to try to lower price & etc.It also said that they are seeking a patent on it, I guess i'm going to start something , but this is a open forum .that is the part of them seeking a patent on it,Did they not work at the U.S.D.A. lab & receive a salary for the 5 months it took them to develope it? was they out any out of pocket money on the nearly 80 formulations,So why do they need a patent , is not this a tax payer lab paid by me & all tax payer's?So why are we going have to pay for it again?,most treatment's that I know of in the last several year's has been by bee keepers not the u.s.d.a lab's.I said that I know of,Boy that feel's good I can go to bed now , mark