Hi Micheal,

My current problem is major wax moth damage. I'm not sure how boiling (or heating) will work on this, but I hope it helps.


If you have wax and such. The water bath will melt it all out. You will be left with a frame that has a light coat of wax on it and the wires (if you have wires?). Once in a while bit of slum. But is scrapes right off. Hint: the frames scrape real quick if do them right after they come out. But this is only practical for small amounts or if you can get a helper.

I really don't want to buy new frames nor do I want to build new frames.


Micheal I have processed 1000's of frames. It will work. But to tighten wires back up so you don't have to re-wire you should really get a wire crimper there about $10 bucks or so from brushy mountain. In about 5 seconds the frame is tightened back up like new. Your frames won't be ruined either. I can only vouch for the way I do it.