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    I called Brushy Mountain Bee Farm and talked to the main man there. He told me that in some places the beetles in your hive are no different from a bird landing on your hive. That some places the beetles do not take over and destroy your hive. I beleive him because the bees I have, I vaccummed out of a tree and there were beetles present in the tree. I must have sucked some up when i vacuumed, but the bees lived in that tree with them beetles for over 5 years and made it through. I have ordered the trap that goes on the bottom of the hive that oil is used with. I am trying to avoid the highly toxic checkmite strips that are used inside the beetle swatters that brushy mtn also offers. I hope for the best because down here in the swamp there are plenty of beetles to deal with. I have to find a way to conquer or at least control them some.

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    I hope that the traps work for everyone,I had no choice ,had to use check-mite because of the numbers of beetles in my hives...It is working so far,number are way down in the hives.Some no beetles at all could be seen,the others maybe 4-6 beetles present..Will continue to treat this year with hopes a better treatment will present itself next year.Something natural anyway...Am looking towards the little microbes everyone is talking about,but have treated the ground with guardstar and think it would kill the good ones and little effect on the beetle larva..

    Wish everyone the best of luck.
    If you build it they will comb it.<br />Tim Rolan


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