I had a hive this spring that was queenless and had laying workers. There was only drone brood and the larve where all in drone cells and scattered.
I tried to requeen the hive, but they rejected the queen. They did tend or feed her and they did not release her. She died after a week.
I took (3) frames of brood and bees from one of my other strong hives and put them into a deep brood box. I took frames with no brood from the queensless hive less the bees and filled the new brood box.
I took the queenless hive off of the bottom board and replaced it this new brood box. I then placed a double screen board on top of the new brood box and placed the queenless hive on top.
After (3) days almost all of the bees from the queenless hive had moved from the upper hive to the new lower hive. The remaining bees, including any laying workers, about enough to cover a frame and a half, were sprayed with sugar water and shaken into another strong hive.
I then requeened the bottom box. They released her and accepted the new queen within 2 days.
The hive now appears to be doing well.