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    What is the best way to separate propolis from the wax that is scraped from frames?

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    I always have problem doing it because it is time consuming. So to make my life easier I scrape the propolis first and then do the wax.


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    A solar wax melter is the easiest way to seperate wax from propolis,but the only really useable product is the wax.The propolois gets "lost" in the slum gum.Good luck, JOHN

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    How to seperate propolis from wax is not hard though it can be a little messy if not done neatly.

    To seperate the scrapings from the frames and insides of supers or bottom or top covers, you need the following:

    1. Large wide pot.
    2. Paper towels.
    3. Cookie trays.
    4. Spagettie seive.
    5. Regular fine mesh cooking seive.
    6. Open slotted cooking ladel/spoon.
    7. Cold water.
    8. Plastic baggies.
    9. Coffee mill (one cup size or so).

    Very simply then, you are supposed to scrape the propolis off the woodenware as neatly as possible and save, but many times this is not possible and it must be cleaned.

    Propolis is cleaned by dumping into a large mouth open pot or pan. Then you add cold water and fill the pan covering the propolis with at least two inches of water or so. Then you stir gently.

    Much will float to the top. Any clumps floating break up with your fingers into the loose scrapings. After all the clumps in the pot of water are broken up with your fingers, then take the ladel and skimm off the floating particles and throw away (too much wax and wood, plant parts, etc).

    Then take the slotted ladel and gently skimm the propolis that is sunk off of the bottom of the pot leaving the dirt and small rocks behind, etc. Place the removed wet propolis on paper towels to dry on a cookie sheet. Note, you might have to change the wet paper towels several times until the paper towels are not sopping wet. Then leave all to dry. When dry, you place the propolis in the plastic baggies and place into the freezer to get cold.

    When cold remove from the freezer and place into coffee mill still frozen and grind into powder. Then you merely encapsulate or mix into your other forms needed ie. tincture, salve, balm, or keep as small pellets for packaging for resale.

    Hope this helps.


    Dee A. Lusby


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