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    There are pros and cons to top and bottom suppering. Lets say the honey flow is on you have three supers full. You might not put the super on the top because the bees have already filled the top one and will not go higher. You do not want to bottom super because the queen may get past the honey barrier and lay in it. what about putting the the next super between the first and second super?

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    You can do that but its alot of lifting and considerations.
    Why not just take the three or at least two supers off, extract, and then put "wet" supers back on to keep the motivation going for the bees.

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    You can put them in any order that makes sense to you and the bees will do whatever they decide to do. It sounds like a sound plan. You have to consider the labor involved, the storage facilities that you have etc. and make your choice, but it won't matter too much to the bees.


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