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    Alright, I have two queens, one that I think is a good one, and one that I think is alright, but the genetics are sorta a little off (really lazy bees). The problem lies in that I need to combine the two hives, which I already did using the newspaper method. But I don't want to kill the other queen right away, due to the fact that if something happens to the queen that's already in there then I'm f'ed in the a, cause its too late to get a replacement queen. So for right now I have her sitting in a cup with about half a dozen workers to keep her company. I will give them sugar water in a bit, along with some honey later on, but what I wanted to know was what is the best way to keep her alive for at least a few weeks to make sure everything is ok? Queen candy? (if so I don't have any) Can I freeze her? or should I just not bother and kill her cause it's too much work?

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    Put her in a cage in a box with some slots for air and some candy in the bottom (sugar and water heated in the microwave will work). Change the bees once a week or so by shaking them out and dumping some fresh ones in. You can make your own cage out of #8 hardware cloth if you don't have one. Just take a 3/4" by 3/4" stich and wrap the #8 around it and bend the wires to connect it in a circle. Then solder it or use expoxy (JB weld or similar product) down the seam. You can either glue a piece of wood in one end or squash the end and solder it too. Use the 3/4" by 3/4" wood for the "cork" at the top. You can make this as long as you like. Four inches is handy for a lot of things. These are almost as handy as the hair clip queen catchers for catching and confining a queen. You can also use a hair clip queen catcher to hold the queen in the box. You could also start a small nuc. Build a two frame nuc and give them a frame of brood and a frame of honey and let the queen live there until you're ready to dispose of her.

    When you're done, I'd dump her in a jar of alcohol and keep the alcohol for swarm lure.
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