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    Hey folks,
    So my neighbor walks into my door...(not the beginning of a joke, sorry)"Hey Beeguy,Are these Honeybees?" he asks as he shoves a zip-lock to my face. "Yeah" I reply dryly on inspection, Thinking he killed some of my Italians he misidentified as Wasps. But wait, these ladies aren't mine. These girls are noticiable smaller in size then mine. "Where'd you get these James" I ask. He Responds with the following."My girlfriends house. There's like 50,000 of them living in the wall of her sunroom. They've been coming out of a crack in the T-111 siding.You can hear the humming from the inside. I don't think they've been their long because i did work on the house a month ago and didn't see them there then. You want to come get them?" I don't think the smile left my face for hours afterwards. So though i'm taking his information with a grain of salt, i'm also prepared for the worst and bringing several hive boxes and empty frames with me. I've only hived 1 swarm prior to this so i'm pretty pumped up. Any advice to a first timer let me know. -Tim
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    take along empty frames so you can put combs of brood in them most people use rubber bands od string to hold it in place i drill holes around the outside of the frames and secure the comb in by pushing nails into it on all 4 sides make sure to use your smoke

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    Do a search on "cut out" and "swarms" and "removing". For reasons unknown to me people seem to call bees in odd places swarms even though they live there. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    This has been discussed MANY times before.
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