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    Out of the 3 hives I have all, have come through winter well. I just checked my strongest hive last week and they were doing great. This week I was cleaning grass away from the hive stand and took a peak under and looked up from the bottom to the SBB and noticed a large pile of dead bees on the center of the bottom board. Bees are still busy flying in and out, but it appears there are too many for them to keep cleaning out. I even noticed a few white larve. I would have done a full inspection, but the weather was only 48 degrees and windy. Hoping for a warm day tomorrow. Weather here has been mild, 40-60 degrees for the past 2 weeks. The hive is well ventilated. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Hey, Lori. I recently asked this very same question. The experts on this board suggested they were the old, overwintered bees and that the new girls just hadn't had a chance to clean them up yet. I finally got into my hives this past week and by the time I did, most of the bees on the bottom board had been removed.

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    Hi Lori, Dead bees on the bottom board in the spring is normal and the bees will clean them out. If you have a large number you should check your hive for problems at the 1st opportunity. sometimes on the verge of starvation you will see large numbers of dead bees on the bottom board and at the entrance. This can be readily addressed by feeding 1 to 1 sugar syrup with some type of top feeder. ( a canning jar with holes in the metal lid made using a bee nail works well.) Feed it warm and they will take it quickly. there could be other problems such as trachael mites which could be killing them. Bottom line is to check the brood nest on a warm day and try to get a sense on if they look active and healthy or if you need to do some additional research.
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