My last inspection at one of my hive (a new one) showed me this pattern:

1st deep:Frame 1 to 10
1: Drawn and empty
2: Undrawn
3: about 1/5 drawn, with honey and some pollen in it
4 to 8: Brood just born (the queen is on one of those)
9: Honey and pollen
10: Drawn with a little honey and pollen

2nd deep: (originally 10 foundation frames)
1 and 2: Undrawn
3: Interior face being drawn with eggs in it, some honey and pollen too
4 to 8: Drawn and really full of capped brood
9 and 10: Undrawn

I added a third deep this week with all foundation to (I read somewhere to add a new box when about 5-6 frames below it are drawn and full of brood or honey), but it is yet to be drawn. The bees have to visit it because I am feeding them continuously with 1:1 syrup with a Miller type feeder.

The question is: Should I rearrange the brood nest by taking the capped brood from the 2nd box down and taking the ones just "born" up? And what would be better for having the bees to build the untouched frames (I need drawn frames...)

First season in beekeeping and enjoying it a lot...

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