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    Thank you Axtmann for your time and effort in sharing info on oxalic acid and more. Seems you have run into a hornets nest here, but be assured many are reading, respecting, and perhaps we will encourage our bee labs and university research programs to quickly look at and report on the use of oxalic. Thank You!

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    Yep,Axtmann catches hell from time to time but I think the oxalic info he presents is right on the mark.Good luck getting anything done about it in the USA,bees arent a priority with the government ,and research is funded by those who stand to profit from it.Get the picture?

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    Thanks beeman

    Well, when Karl Benz in 1885 his first auto in the world had built everybody was against him. People were sure this vehicle would kill all and should not be aloud to use. The second reason was the competition against the horse-coach.
    This new car so called Auto had only 3 wheels and 3 hp but it was the beginning of something new and many old people don’t like it. There argument for court “this strange thing is fast, uncontrolled, noisy has a bad smell and kills all humans”. And now you can find the Mercedes Benz around the world.

    Similar with the old beekeepers; “I never heard this, this is new and can’t be good for the bees. I ever had success in all the years, those new stuff and ideas can’t be right. Why should I do anything, the bee doing this? The new things are against the law. I believe if only can see it. He told me and it is not my fold, and so on.
    The arguments are endless but as soon they find out the new idea is not so bad and the “competition” has more success, than does old stubborn guys shifting to the other side and we can hear them again but opposite.
    There also is a different group of beekeepers, they talking and talking and have for all questions the “right” answer. They like to hear themselves even if it’s stupid. If there is a young green beekeeper on the horizon that needs help, those drivellers always looking for a victim. They most have in theory and practice 0%.
    I wish we had on this group more beekeeper with a good theory and practice and some should better more listen than senseless typing.

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    >“this strange thing is fast, uncontrolled, noisy has a bad smell and kills all humans”. And now you can find the Mercedes Benz around the world.

    No offence, but they are fast, often uncontrolled, noisy, have a bad smell and kill people all the time. In the year 2000 in the USA 41,821 people were killed, 3,236,000 people were injured by automobiles.

    Personally I'm always excited to hear new ideas. I have experimented with anything that sounded reasonable that came down the pike, and came up with some, simultaneously to others, on my own. I was building something like a Kenya type top bar hive in the early '70's and then saw one in the American Bee Journal.

    Just because people question the ramifications of an idea does not mean they oppose it.


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