Well I really messed up today. I started to extract this morning, and I have an old crank style extractor that has a basket in it that turns when you crank the handle. The basket has a pin in the bottom that sits in a hole so you can spin it. I rinsed the extractor out this morning to get the years dust and what not out before I started, and evidently didn't get all of the water out of the hole, it couldn't have been much, maybe a half a teaspoon. Well as the honey started to rise in the bottom of the extractor, it got over top of the hole and with the rotation of the basket and the honey/water and the old cast aluminum it made a oil type stuff the leached into my honey ruining about 90 pounds of honey.

My question: What should I do with the honey now? There isn't too much of the oily stuff in the honey, maybe an oz or two to 90 pounds, but I am not going to sell it or eat it. Can I feed it back to the bees and let them clean it up. If so how? Or should I throw it out.

Please help.