I have read and reread books and articles on rearing ones own queens. I get as far as having the ripe 10 day old cells on the bar and the writer usually says something like this " You must remove the queen cells and place them in your hive, nuc, or incubator but they cannot stay any longer in the finisher hive as the first queen that emerges will destroy the rest. I understand all that quite well, BUT my question is, how do you remove the queen cells from the bar and place them in the individual nucs. I don't want to screw up the first batch of cells I produce so can some one help me on this. And please, no long winded treatiste on how to raise queens. Just tell me how to get them from the cell bar to the frame. And Dee, I appologize. After reading quite a lot more about your program of converting back to a smaller cell size I understand now why all the discussion on feral bees. I understand what you are doing and maybe I'll even try it.. Bobby