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    This probably belongs in the planting for bees topic.

    I planted 100 grape vines this winter in an area preplanted with fescue and some ladino clover. I wanted good cover grass and also some forage for my bees. The clover sprouted last fall, came on good this spring, and after a single mowing is now a field of white. As it was dry around here, I was out watering the grapes. The field was abuzz with honeybees. It reaked so much of clover I could get drunk on the smell. If they got to flowers from smell, it would have been enough. Our house is several hundred feet away, my wife said the breeze carried the smell in. So I consider this a success and want to plant more clover this fall.

    MY NEW PET PEEVE of thing that ticks me off:
    Why does everyone kill off all the bee forage in their yards? The herbicide/fertilizer products list clover as a weed. Dandelions- my wife and I noted in one neighborhood that 2-3 guys were out in their yard picking out weeds by hand. Everyone has the same gosh darn lawn, no variety. In the same way that large scale farming has eliminated native pollinators, the rise of housing has eliminated forage.

    My neighbor mowed his yard this weekend. I can see several unmowed patches of clover in his yard- gotta love it.

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    Since I live right down the highway from you about 25 miles, I can identify with the pet peeve. I think it's a cultural thing: lots of folks around here tend to like neat, clean, orderly and manicured areas arond the houses. My neighbor cuts his grass every 2-3 days and cuts it as low as the mower will cut. He also cut his pecan and oak trees back, so instead of majestic spreading trees, he has giant topiary.

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    I know what you mean! Same here... I am the one who mows and leaves patches of flowers (dandilions, clover, any thing with a bloom and/or bee). We have a farm where my bees are and I want to plant a patch of dandilions but haven't ordered seeds yet.


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