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    does any one know much about the with vineger vaperizer that is in the bee culture called the cyclone ???? looking ing to getting one if it does what it says it can

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    In Malcolm Sanford's "Apis Newsletter", one of
    the editions issued in 2004 said:

    "Two beekeeping entities are being sued
    for publishing material that is claimed
    to hurt the sales of the vinegar machine
    marketed to control mites. It was demonstrated
    on May 11, 2003 St. Meinrad Archabbey,
    St. Meinrad, Indiana 47577"

    While I do not know if this was the machine
    advertised in Bee Culture, I know of no other
    such machine readily available in the USA.

    Now the interesting thing about this is that
    even though I grabbed the snippet and tossed
    it into the gaping maw of the supercollider
    when I read it, filing it as as an "interesting
    tidbit", I now cannot find that snippet in any of
    the archived editions of the Apis newsletter at

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    I checked with the Indiana State Beekeepers
    association at the time, but they said that
    they were not being sued, had no idea who
    had a meeting on that date at that location,
    and pointed out that the claimed meeting
    location was "nearly in Kentucky".

    So, perhaps the entire report was spurious.

    Perhaps the two parties settled out of court,
    and asked Malcolm to delete the mention of the
    lawsuit from his archives.

    Perhaps a suit was merely threatened, but
    never filed.

    I've asked Malcolm to explain (if he can
    do so without risking being sued himself).

    Anyway, if you can find out who met on that
    date at that location, you may find some
    interesting observations on the efficacy of
    vinegar (acetic acid).

    Some other interesting viewpoints can be
    found here:
    but be aware that this is from Bee-L, a forum
    self-anointed as "Informed Discussion of
    Beekeeping Issues and Bee Biology", a description
    that becomes increasingly inaccurate the more you
    follow the actual discussions. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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