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    I am a beginner and had 3 strong hives last fall. I have lost one. Upon obersving it the brood frames seem to be normal but I see pollen where the brood should have been. It had one full super on it which is still full. It looks normal for what I know but has white eggs? or flakes in the lower half of the frame very few, looks as if workers might have been Probably have a disease and do not know it. Any information is appreciated as I am new to the bees and have been addicted. Thanks

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    Where were the dead bees? In a cluster? On the bottom? Gone? What's on the bottom of the hive? Are there a lot of dead bees? Are there Varroa mites? Varroa are very small and you have to look closely. Are there sunken cappings? If you put a stick in the capped brood cells and stir and pull it out does it rope? If there is a cluster of dead bees, were there stores in contact with the cluster?

    If what you are seeing is multiple eggs, and not just sugar or honey crystals, then it may have gone queenless. It seems early to have much brood. Often a queenless hive will abandon the hive and move next door to a queenright hive (when it's warm enough to fly).
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