I just wanted to share my thoughts on the article of Charles Simon's 10 principles of beekeeping. He may have some good points, but overall I think he is a bitter and selfish old man. His statement that beekeeping should be licensed and he should be the licensing entity is not humility, it is pure arrogance. I am a new beekeeper, and I don't know much, but I am as entitled to have the experience of trying as he was. What a jerk! I think everyone should do what works for them. I will continue keeping bees as long as it makes me happy, and I will consider any advice given to me, and decide how or if to apply it. I will have failures and successes, and learn from them. And when I am his age, I hope I will not be so bitter and selfish towards others trying to do better than I did. I recently met a local man who has been keeping bees for 63 years using traditional equipment and an extractor. He has had some bumper crops of honey, but he admits most are just average. He still subscribes to the "Bee Journal" and keeps up on recent methods. He medicates his bees, because he has found if he doesn't he will have no bees. And when you talk to him about his bees, he smiles the whole time. He encourages you to give it a shot, and offers to help in anyway he can. He gives advice, but readily admits that although he has vast knowledge and experience, no one could ever know everything about this intriqueing animal. Which person would be a better ambasador for beekeeping? This man has more experience than Mr. Simon, and he is still excited about his bees. He has true humility when it comes to his knowledge of them. I think Mr. Simon has not humility, but frustration in that he in his ultimate wisdom couldn't conquer the honeybee, therefore noone else should try. Just leave them to their element. Maybe we should just return to straw skeps. Would that be the proper thing? You know, a horse that hasn't been saddle broke isn't of much use to man. Maybe everyone should have walked and left the horse to its fancy just as Mr. Simon suggests we do with the honeybee.