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Bee Infestation Has Honey Dripping Down Home's Walls

Former Owner Was Beekeeper

A couple in Naples, Fla., says the home they bought from a beekeeper is so infested with bees that honey can be seen dripping from the walls, according to a Local 6 News report.

Bee Infestation Has Honey Dripping Down Home's Walls

Todd Foege and Paige Cannon said they knew they were purchasing their new home from a beekeeper but they had no idea he would leave so many of his "friends."

"I had no idea that we had so many of them," Cannon said. They are inside the structure of the house from what we have been told."

The pair believe there are hundreds of thousands of bees inside the walls and there are apparently hives as well.

Foege and Cannon have decided to stay in the house even though there's honey dripping down the walls.

"There was a big puddle of honey that came out one day and we were just like, Wow," Foege said.

The couple is looking for a good beekeeper, according to the report.

If the insects have to be removed, Foege wants it done without chemicals. Cannon doesn't care how they're removed, she just wants them out.

Local 6 News reported that no one has been stung yet.