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    I believe the concept of a "public nuisance" has a specific legal meaing.

    It's more than just annoying an individual person. It really has to be a nuisance to the community at large. It would seem that if your direct neighbors don't feel threatened by your bees that proving a public nuisance could be difficult.

    I found quite a few references to definitions of public nuisance on the web. They all seemed to say the same thing. But then I'm not a lawyer and have never even been on TV as a lawyer or anything else.

    Maybe there IS a lawyer lurking around the site that could give some better insight.
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    GeeBeeNC, not a typo there are only three of us that keep bees and none of us have 60 hives (yet). I would like to eventually have 50+ the only time I would have all of them on my property is during the winter months. I have 1.25 acres which is the standard lot in town.

    Kieck, the zoning is just within town limits. The county does not have an ordinace for beekeeping. Agriculture is the main industry in the county, mostly dairies and farming.
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    Thanks Jim
    I'll give them the entire article and make sure that you get the credit.
    I suspect this has come up because a renter just moved in next door and was upset when he saw bee hives on my property. One is about 200 yards from his house and he is afraid of bees. He was stung 3 years ago and it hurt and itched for days.
    That hive has been there for 30 years and is so gentle that I can work it in shorts and short sleves with no smoke.
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