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    I just went and looked at a potential site to put some bees (alfalfa that he lets bloom )the owner showed me a bird bath set up on a sewer tile that has a colony in it he wants out. It will be an easy removal I was thinking of taking the bird bath off and replace it with a deep with drawn comb and honey stores. the tile is small and it looks like they will swarm from over crowding easily the guy had bees flying everywhere around his house so I know there are more colonies around he says he sees 1 or 2 swarms a year that usually land in a persimons tree my question would be when is the soonest I could do this in south central kansas without causing a problems due to weather and how long does it usually take for the queen to move up into the hive body. how large of a hole do I need to have in the bottom board. I was going to use a top entrance into the hive body until they all moved up into the new hive The entrance in the tile is at the top of tile directly under the bird bath top. I could take the comb out and band it into frames but I think the hive body on top would be the best way to do this any advise would be a big help this is the first removal I have attempted using a hive body on top

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