Ok. Ya'll got me curious so here is the scoop.

Here is a pesticide that is labeled for killing bees.

Put in product code #712 and search. You'll find it online.

The printed catalog for #712 says:

"Apicide(R) This product is labled for eradication of Honey Bees, Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets. It is for control of insects while in their nests and will kill the entire colony quickly. This should only be used as a last alternative. Try to save those bees but when you absolutely can't here is the product. Comes in a 5 oz. easy to apply squeeze bottle. It contains 5% Carbaryl (l-napthyl N-methylcarbamate) as an active ingredient. Always follow all label directions. Ship Wt. 1 lb. $7.95"

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