Like many above, my father kept bees when I was a kid and helping him I learned to love it. I didn't start keeping my own until four years ago. I decided I would throw out every existing beekeeping practice and experiment with what works on my own. (Many things which worked well during my fathers generation don't necessarily work now...) Anyway, I'm glad I did 'cause I do things a little different than most.

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and have worked as an engineer for 12 years, but was laid off last April. I've decided I'm burnt out on engineering so I'll just help my wife with her business and try some sidelining in bees. I'm up to 60 hives now, and would like to double each year for several more years. Hope we don't have any more years like this last one honey-wise... it was slow. Maybe I'll move my bees to soybean fields during summer in East Arkansas if I can ever find a grower out there willing. Oh ya, I'm 39 and have 4 young kids.