went to split my hive today. Weather was windy, mid 50's, sunny. Went to take a few frames of capped brood out to put in the nuc but could not find brood, eggs or larvae in most of what I checked in the brood box. I had to cut it short because the bees got rowdy and I got stung three times. As of right now I managed to get two frames full of bees with honey and pollen into the nuc. At this time ofv the year I would expect to not have to look for brood in the bottom deep. I can't be that blind! Any way i might be queenless and If so I have the queen that just came for the split to introduce if so. I have an older neighborhood bee guru coming tomorrow to inspect the parent hive. If it is queenless can I put the two frames back along with the new queen making positively sure that the parent hive is without queen. I am hoping it was the cool weather and length of inspection time (about one hour) that pissed them off unfotunately at this stage last year the thing was packed with frames of brood in all stages.