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    I'm a student from Germany and I'm writing on my BA thesis about honey at the moment.
    Right now, my topic is the different types of honey. I know that you can take almost any plant and add the word honey to it (like clover honey, buckwheat honey...), but I'm looking for a more general term.
    I found out that the general words for the sources are something like unifloral and multifloral, or monofloral and polyfloral, or single varietal or single source honey - Is there actually a difference between these different names?
    But so far I couldn't find a general word for honeys from a certain region. I don't know if this is of any help, but the German word for it would be "Lagenhonig". And could you say something like mountain honey or mountain flower honey?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Here, I usually see either a varietal (e.g. "Clover", "Orange blossom", "Buckwheat", "Sourwood", "Eucalyptus" etc.) or a more general term like "wildflower" for a mixture. As far as regional designations the only one I've seen is "local honey" meaning it comes from the area where it is being sold. This seems to be important to people on several levels. One is the allergy sufferer looking for better reliefe because it comes from the sources of pollen they are exposed to.


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