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    I'm sure by now some of you have received spam from lurkers who have been "mining" email addresses from our profiles. I know this because I've seen familiar usernames in the email addresses at the top of my messages.

    I would like to think that it isn't one of "our own" doing this, but whoever it is, here's my two cents:

    "May the bees of a thousand hives find you buck naked, and wearing alarm pheromone for cologne."



    And by the way...remove my email address from your address book immediately.

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    I have had a small increase in email lately, not sure if its from here though..
    I heard another version of that saying,
    "may the fleas of a thousand camels, infest your armpits"

    "To bee or not to bee, that is the question"

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    I know something is up. Just a couple of months ago I would only get a couple spams per day, now I am up to about fifty. I have a spam blocker but I still have to delete them.

    James, you still need to remove your address from your profile if you are concerned about someone getting it from this site.

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    im starting to get i or two spam a day it started like one month ago

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    Count yourself lucky. I get an average of 280 a day in 4 accounts (70 per day per account). Fortunately the filter gets most of them. It has increased dramatically in the past two years, but I haven't really seen any difference I can attribute to beesource.

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    Try this. Set up two eamil accounts.

    One for online shopping and site registrations etc.

    One for communicating with friends, associate and family stc.

    All the spam will go to the first one and none to the second.

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    Buzzinbeeman22 sent me some mass email about satellite TV. Was he from here?

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    >>Buzzinbeeman22 sent me some mass email about satellite TV. Was he from here?

    Yes, that's the one.


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    I checked with my guys who work on the
    spam situtaion full time, and while it
    is possible that a member is spamming
    other members, it is much more likely
    that addresses were simply "havrested"
    by some non-member, or that one or more
    members were infected with virus programs
    that expolit the local "address book" in Outlook.

    The key point would be if you have ever
    sent or received e-mail to/from the apparent
    source address of the spam, or have only
    communicated via this discussion group,
    not that it really matters which.

    An excellent tool to help you to ignore
    the cesspool of spam is SpamBayes , which
    comes in flavors useful to just about
    every possible combination of OS and
    mail client.

    For the virus problem, one need go no
    further than Panda Scan
    or Trend Micro
    both are free, are updated hourly, and both
    work great.

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    There isn't enough profit in spam for anyone to bother with manually harvesting addresses. It's most likely that a robot was able to scan the site and picked up the member email addresses.

    I have a number of ideas for dealing with spammers but most of them require having my own server including a DNS server. One of the best is tricking the spammers into spamming their own ISPs home servers. This keeps the spammers machines busy and keeps more of the spam off the internet. Since the ISPs will see the spam coming from a local user they will be more likely to take action to shut the spammer down.

    Of course, the spammers aren't going to like this and they do retaliate against anyone that gets in their way.


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