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    Hey guys

    I was driving around my future home for myself and bees in a very rural area of town and surveying the area of what people were growing on there land to see what kind of plants my bees would be foraging from (anybody do that?)and it turns out there is a 450 acre vinyard full of grapes and was wondering if bees can forage from grape vines?
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    Yes, I will survey farmland for out yard placements. I look for areas that provide a variety of forage plants, low growing and cultivated forage like clover, dandelions etc, over grown fields, brush and small trees, and large trees. Nearby water, and shelter, and easy access are important to me also.

    All commercial varieties of grapes are self-fruitful, and do not need honeybees for pollination. Honeybees may gather nectar, pollen, and honeydew from the leaves but yields are not abundant.

    Disagreements have occurred between grape growers and Beekeepers, due to the honeybees tendency to suck juices out of damaged and cracked opened grapes. But in these cases, birds or other insects damaged the fruit before hand, as honeybees are unable to pierce the grape skin. But the grape grower sees honeybees on the grapes, so they usually get the blame for damaging the fruit. If other nectar sources are available at the time, honeybees will not forage from the damaged grapes.


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