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Thread: Slatted racks

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    What can you tell me about slatted racks. My dad picked up a few a couple of years ago, so on put them on (under) three packages that i got last year. Had a very good honey year but lost two of three during the winter, they did not starve. The mice found the racks to be a good home.

    So tell me....

    When do you use them? all year? summer only? Was it ok to put them on new packages? should I have taken them off for the winter?

    What were they designed to do and do they work?



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    I would leave them on all year round. But I would use mouse gaurds in the winter. If mice can get in they will. I don't think the racks are the cause. I've had them nesting in the combs too.

    They are designed to create a cluster space for all the returning bees at night (you've seen those beards of bees on the front of the hive) and ventilation space and to cut down on drafts on the brood combs. From all accounts they do work. The seem especially popular with people doing comb honey, but others use them too.

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