Greetings, all,
My most recent beekeepers' assoc. newsletter had a notice that several beekeepers in my general area (north- and southcentral Kansas) had a total of 21 hives stolen from two locations.

I'm curious if anyone knows what happens to these stolen hives. The owners and the newsletter editor seem to think the hives are in the general area. I'm wondering if stolen hives are more likely to end up in another part of the US (in our case, Texas) for pollination needs.

I ask because I see want ads in the bee magazines this time of year placed by orchards needing 500 or 1000 hives for pollination. I just remember that several years ago, a police force in a nearby town began using bicycles on a limited scale. The first week out, one of the bikes was stolen. Within three days, it was recovered in San Diego! Halfway across the country! Who would think you could get profit from stealing bicycles in Kansas and shipping them to California? If so, seems like stealing 5 hives here and 15 there would be easy money for someone.

Any ideas? Thanks.

PJ Adams