I am returning to beekeeping after many years (had 150 hives before varroa and am now retired) and want to use thymol. I've read all the posts on here on the subject I can find, but am not clear about how much to use, how to apply it. I also have thought to requeen while treating, thus creating a period of no brood. (I'm in northern Calif so there is brood pretty much year around.)

My goal is to be chemical free with drone trapping next year, Russian queens, screened bottom boards, etc but a few of my hives (20 started in spring) have serious mites this fall.

Also I read the bio thread! What a bunch of great, wacky people! I think beestings must have an effect on the personality (for the better.)

I also have an arthritic finger (from an old injury) that I am treating with stings. Anyone out there done this (intentionally)?

The article in ABJ about selection for mite resistance is VERY intriguing. I realize it will require raising my own queens, but I have the time and desire to do this. Any of you raising and selecting your own queens now?

Dan the beeman