This spring a couple of my colonies showed signs of dysentery with some spotting on the top bars and the outside of the hive. I was curious if nosema was to blame, so I got hold of a microscope to look for nosema spores in the feces. It was fun using the microscope, but not fun finding what looked like the nosema spores depicted in the book "Honey Bees Pests and Predators, and Diseases." My suspicions were confirmed.

Being able to definitively diagnose my problem was satisfying, and I would like to use the microscope for determining tracheal mite infestations, or any possible bacterial infections (ie. foulbrood, american or european). Does anyone have an idea where I might find a guide that outlined the dissection of honey bees for tracheal mites inspections? Or maybe, a book or guide that had good photos depicting detailed microscopic photos of bee diseases.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!