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    My wife and I are planning our 2005 vacations. I am interested in working with large beekeepers to learn from them. No renumeration required. Reference available. Anyone that needs the help and is willing to teach please contact me. I am interested with all aspects of beekeeping.

    Joe Miller

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    HAHAHA... Joe, the guy my wife is working for can ALWAYS use the help! He will buy your lunch everyday as a minimum... : ))
    You can learn grafting/swarm hive preps/frame manipulations/planting queen cells/catching queens/shaking package bees for shipment/ etc etc etc.. : )) He's always looking for help... starts around first of march, until he just gets tired out... he's 69 yr old, and still making LOTS of bees. Lemme know sometime if you wanna come see it, and I'll tell him he has help coming. : )
    Central Mississippi, not much for vacation, but lots of bee experience : ))


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