the bear (i'm assuming it was a bear) ate all the comb in one frame, had half another frame, and went away.

both hives appear fairly intact, but the blow to being knocked on its side (hive 1) and actually rolled onto it's top (hive 2) has caused an unknown amount of shifting in the comb attached to the frames.

my hives are pretty standard 10 frame hives w/no supers (i read that pkg bees are best to leave alone for the first year). i pulled out two frames from hive 1 because the comb had slumped out of the frame, so that hive is down to 6 frames. my wife and i righted and reassembled the hives, and plan to get some advice before we go back into the hives.

i'm assuming i should replace all the lost frames, but what i'm wondering is should i pull out each frame to check for damage? do i just peer down in to see if they "look" damaged?

this is our first year beekeeping and we didn't intend to get any honey so we're also a little unprepared to deal w/the 2.5 frames of yummy looking comb that was casualty to the incident. i think we'll just use a big kitchen knife to uncap the honey and get some cheese cloth to strain it. prbbly messy but will be fun for us beginners.

any advice for us? comments?

ps. we're going to eat this honey =)