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    Well, today I found my Queen...but, she ain't the one marked with a blue pen. I hived my package in late April..Italian Bees from Brushy Mtn. Anyway, I've never seen the queen and was really disappointed seeing as how it was a new hive and I inspected it almost thoroughly every time. Today, when I was inspecting the hive, I saw her. It was sooo cool. But, she was not the original Queen unless they found a way to unmark her. Gosh, I was so nervous about putting the frame back I didn't want to squish her.

    Also, I noticed the banana smell..I even had a mask on. I've had to wear a mask due to being sensitive to the pollen. The last time I inspected the hive, my nose ran like a faucet for 3 days - UGH!! I guess its better than being allergic to stings - which so far, hasn't had a bad affect on me [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    The folks that manufacture the marking pens Brushy Mountain sells must have changed the formula they use ... half the marked queens I have with this year's color have managed to rub it off.



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