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    I have two questions. First: Can a pump designed for transferring fuel pump sugar syrup from a drum in the back of my truck to a hive? There are some cheap pumps for sale locally, I have heard of one beekeeper that transfers water with them, not one that does sugar water. He puts a bag of sugar in a feeder then fills it with water. I want to mix at home then fill the feeder.

    2nd: I have a simple pump that runs at 540 rpm for my 30 gallon sprayer. Would this pump be useful to help mix sugar syrup up? I'd like to get a large container then use this pump with different hoses to mix up large batches of sugar syrup, currently only doing 55 gallons at a time.

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    I would seriously doubt it. Fuel has about the same viscosity as water (think "thickness" here), and weights around 8 pounds per gallon give or take. Honey and corn syrup weigh around 11.5 to 12 pounds per gallon. This might not sound like much but try to imagine sucking cold honey up a straw, it requires quite a bit more effort. Plus if the pump has been used to pump some other liquid I would have serious reservations about using it to feed bees
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    You have to check the pump curve for the pump vs. the syrup that you want to move. A 2:1 syrup might not work but the 1:1 might, or they may both work. It will depend on a number of factors, such has required suction head, discharge head required, etc.

    As for mixing up syrup in large batches. you want to use a tank mixing eductor to do the job. They are fairly cheap and easy to use.

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    If you are working from the back of a truck just gravity feed it then all you need is a valve at the tank and one on the end of the hose.

    We used to pump diesel fuel into construction equipment. When the pump was down (which was most of the time) we parked the machine in a cellar we were digging or next to a pile of topsoil and well you get the idea...
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