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    I have no permission to furnish names (I don;t think the would care) but here is what's going on at bee-l:

    Check out

    >>>>Deadline for acting on this is Dec 22, so this requires immediate attention.

    Speaking on behalf of Colorado Sunshine Honey Co., we have a 14 ft U-Haul full floor front to back, floor to ceiling with hives that have been contaminated with pesticides. Whether it's carbaryl, Penncap, furidan, or whatever, we don't have the resources to find out. Those in charge of regulating these chemicals and others have a nifty little thing that they've got going. When they want to sneak a foul smelling rule past those who suffer the consequences of said rule, they introduce it on short notice during the holidays. Given time, we could have numerous anecdotal accounts of problems with all of those pesticides from our current population of hobbyists and commercial beekeepers. We are extremely offended by the EPA's intimation that accounts of pesticide kills are on the wane, seeing as how the EPA and the State Departments of Agriculture have their fingers in their ears. It's no surprise they claim they can't hear us out here. Perhaps the Christians who say they put George Bush in power need reminding that they will be accountable for their stewardship not only of their own lives but how they handle this planet. <<<<<


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    i will post a copy of this at the beekeeping forum.



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