Thought this might amuse you all. I subscribe to a New Zealand list. This just came today. I'll post the contacts if anyone is interested.

Environmental Services
Manukau City Council
30.11.04 MCC address
Paul Donald Brown
133 Bucklands Beach Road BB
Dear Mr Brown,

Bee complaint

Manukau City Council is in receipt of complaints from nearby neighbours concerning the bee excreta being dropped by bees leaving the bee hives and nuclei situated on your property at 133 Bucklands Beach Road BB
Nearby residential property including motor vehicles and washing which is
in the flight path of your bees are being covered in bee excreta. Also the paint on motor vehicles parked at their properties are being stained with bee excreta. The continual dropping of bee excreta leaves a yellow coloured stain and is hard to remove.

Pursuant to Chapter 2 Clause 6.1 of the Manukau City Consolidated Bylaw 1992, Bee Keeping, No person shall keep or cause or permit bees to be kept if the keeping of those bees creates a nuisance or cause distress to any person.
In my opinion the keeping of bees on your property is causing distress to your neighbours. Therefore you are required to permanently remove all bee hives and nuclei from your property at 133 Bucklands Beach Rd, BB to a registered apiary site by the 10 December 2004.
Your co-operation in this matter will be appreciated to ensure that no further action by Council is necessary.
If you wish to discuss this matter further, my contact details are provided below
Yours sincerely,
Graeme G .Young
Environmental Technical Officer
Environmental Health and Enforcement.