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Thread: Golden Bee Suit

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    Lemoine's patent expires January 2008 so expect other people to sell the same type of suits.
    Home of the ventilated and sting resistant Ultra Breeze bee suits and jackets

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    Down here in Texas the Golden Bee Suit is still hot when it's 100 degrees. All I wear is my skivviesÂ’, Better Bee sponge sweat ban, and sandals with out socks, nor gloves. I have never tried another type suit to compare it with, but I have never gotten stung with this suit

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    A suit that is cooler than most is what I am looking for these days. My area has been 15 to 20 degrees warmer than normal during the last few weeks (not the last few days, though). We have been in the mid 90s already.

    What is wild about the Golden Bee Suit is that I am only one hour from Picayune, MS (that is also where I grew up). Who knew?

    My mother is a master gardener and is getting her first two hives next week. I was trying to figure out the fastest way to get a suit for her. With assistance from Texas, Rhode Island, North Dakota, etc. I now know she can drive across town to pick hers up.

    By the way, the MS gulf coast is 70 miles from Hattiesburg and it still looks like an atomic bomb went off from Katrina (I read recently that 70,000 houses homes were destroyed on the ms coast). Any products that are made or sold in this area will get my salary first.

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