I sure could use some help on how to split a hive. I live in central Florida and as soon as my bees finish working the palmetto bloom I would like to split this hive. The problem I have run into is this. All the rest of my hives are two, 10 frame deep brood chambers with suppers added as needed. The hive I want to split is made up of three 3/4 deep brood chambers. I think they measure 7 1/8" tall. Also they are set up using 9 frames instead of 10. In looking into this hive it seems that the bottom 2 boxes are full of brood, while the top boxes frames are nothing but honey. I would like to split them to end up with 1 of the existing boxes and a new deep box on top. Questions I have are.
1. Should I stay with the 9 frame setup or change over to ten. I don't think I can change the existing box as the bees have drawn the comb out to far.
2. If I do split them do I go for a new queen or let them requeen themselves.
3. What should I do with the third box of honey? maybe split it up between the two hives or extract it and give them the drawn comb to use.
Any help on this would bee greatly apprecated. Thanks in advance Jim Kuh.